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the porchening: part three

(don’t forget to enter my contest! you have until Friday!)

Oh hey you guys, we almost have a porch. Check it out.

Forms in place:

new porch in progress

You can see here where the wood is routed out for the bullnose form.

new porch in progress

Concrete poured:

new porch in progress

And in the steps:

new porch in progress

Finished porch with uprights in place:

new porch in progress

Yeah, we asked for 6x6es for the uprights. We’re not cheap (hell, we paid a good deal extra to get those bullnose forms), we just don’t like the look of the aluminum uprights all that much, and after these settle in and dry out over the winter, we’re going to paint them a nice shiny red, like Chinese lacquer. Which we’re pretty sure is going to look super sweet and amazing with the black railings.


new porch in progress

Now we’re pretty much just waiting on the railings. We’ve heard the railing guy came by already and took measurements, so it should be just a few more days. And in the meantime, we’ve dragged our chairs back out here and are sitting on it as it.

It’s amazing how many neighbours, even ones we don’t know or who have never spoken to us before, are stopping on their walks by to tell us how good this looks. That just reinforces my belief that the wall of vinyl siding and the stairs tucked off to the side were shutting us off from fully participating in the neighbourhood. Also, we’ve let the garden go in the past few years in anticipation of having this job done, and now that the porch is finally in progress we’re earning good-neighbour points and reassuring everyone that we give a rat’s ass about our property. This should buy us a year of goodwill for getting the shitty looking front garden back in shape!

And we’ve eaten our first meal on the new porch. It feels like we’ve been waiting eleven years to eat this meal.

first supper, new porch

Posted by Jodi Green on September 30, 2014 at 6.39pm

let’s get oldtimey together (a contest!)

First, some navel gazing:

Peter and I don’t really have an anniversary, because we never got married, had a first date, or paid attention to the date of whatever other things couples count as “firsts”. We just quietly acknowledge, each year, the date of our first kiss, and even that is just because we happen to know the date. It was his dad’s birthday that day, otherwise we’d never know.

Anyway. Each year we quietly acknowledge that. Except for this year, when we forgot completely. AND IT WAS THE TWENTIETH YEAR. A round number, and a not insignificant one. I remembered a couple of days later. Whoops.

So! Hey, that reminds me. I thought that today, September 29, marked ten years since the first entry in this weblog. But on actually looking back, way back to the beginning in the old pre-Wordpress archives, it turns out that first entry actually happened ten years ago YESTERDAY. Huh.

Remember way back in 2004, how we all used to internet back then? We used to internet by writing our self indulgent little stories about ourselves and our knitting and what have you, and then we used to comment on other people’s self indulgent little stories about themselves. And it was fun, and I got to know and love a lot of great people that way. And those people are still great and I still love them, but I miss the commenting, a little. These days you can’t even get anyone to look at your weblog unless you cross post it to Facebook, and even then, even when people do click through and read, they go back to Facebook and leave their comments there. And it’s not the same because you can’t look back at your own little living room sideboard and admire all of those lovely Valentines cards the other kids in class gave you; instead you have to leave your living room and go to a public building and search through a filing cabinet organized by someone else in order to view your Valentines cards.

And since that analogy’s probably going nowhere fast, let’s get to the part where we party like it’s 2004! I’m going to give away a couple of my hand bound journals to some of you lovely people. Because today may not be a special occasion, but it’s special-occasion-adjacent.


These two books are approximately 11cm by 18cm by 6mm thick, and have 100 pages (50 leaves) of mixed reclaimed papers including maps, blue lined paper, various graph papers, pages from a Star Wars colouring book, old photocopies, old blueprints, mixed coloured papers. They’re perfect bound with a wrap cover of high quality 100% rag printmaking paper, hand printed (3-colour woodcut on the blue and orange book, a mix of woodcut and digital print on the orange book).

Here’s a peek at the pages:


I’ll do some kind of random picking which may amount to actually writing names on paper and drawing from a hat. Because this is all about getting down with the oldtimey technology.

But if you’d like a chance for a book, you need to leave a comment here, a real old fashioned comment like the old timers did way back when personal weblogs were fun and interesting and not at all bloated and self indulgent and just really, really a dime a dozen and also kind of boring. Like this weblog (but not yours, lovely people!).

So go click on the comment field and tell me something! Tell me anything.

I’ll leave the contest open until this Friday, October 3 at 5pm Eastern. Thanks for still being here lo, these many (just a wee bit more than ten) years!

Posted by Jodi Green on September 29, 2014 at 10.04pm

basil harvest


Basil from the backyard, washed and waiting and dreaming of becoming vegan pesto.

These two plants produced six cups (!) of pesto for the freezer, and that’s only half of the basil we have growing in the backyard. Next up: basil jam.

Posted by Jodi Green on September 18, 2014 at 11.07am

the porchening: part two

On Saturday the lovely workers came back and poured the foundation for our porch.

porch foundation poured

They left their Timmies cup behind, because this is Canada and there are quotas for how much Tim Hortons litter there needs to be in a given area and we didn’t have any on our property AT ALL and were in danger of the CRTC coming down on us or something, plus Peter assures me that having a Tims cup sealed up inside the porch will be good luck.

porch foundation, tim hortons litter

A squirrel promptly fell in, because that is what squirrels do.

porch foundation, squirrel tracks

On Monday a truck came by early in the morning and dropped off several skids of cinderblocks, some bags of cement, and some plywood. And that stuff sat there taunting me for two days while the evenings warmed up again to a temperature in which it would have been comfortable to eat our supper on the porch, as is our custom. If we had a porch.

And on Wednesday they came back and built this box!

porch box

My only regret is that we didn’t do this project closer to Hallowe’en so I could hide inside this box and scream FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MONTRESOR at the kids. Of course Peter said only maybe two parents would get the joke. I said, hey we can hand out WINE GUMS! And Peter said, Amontillado isn’t wine.


But hey, did you see? This proto-porch has proto-steps coming out the front, where steps are supposed to be! And see there on the side, where it is a stupid place to put steps? Nothing but a wall. This is going to be a proper porch, you guys. At least until we cover the whole thing with a rad mosaic, thus fulfilling my lifelong dream to live in Watts Towers.

porch box

Posted by Jodi Green on September 18, 2014 at 12.00am


windsor detroit tunnel

Windsor-Detroit Tunnel. Upside-down 8.

Posted by Jodi Green on September 16, 2014 at 1.12pm

garlic harvest


Posted by Jodi Green on September 15, 2014 at 9.31pm

the porchening, part one

Here is the ugly-ass porch that we have been grudgingly living with since we bought this house in 2003.

old porch, about to be demolished

It is not to our taste at all. It’s dark, heavy, and shut off from the street life. We eat all of our suppers on the porch in warm weather, and feel like trolls hiding in a cave up here with the wall of ugly vinyl siding. The stairs are on the end instead of in front, which means that only one side of the porch has room for sitting. What you can’t see is that the wooden pillars that sit on top of the concrete pillars have all slipped out of place and look like they may come crashing down.

And the wood floorboards, original to the 1911 house, look like this in places:

old porch, the treacherous area

There’s a fallen board tipped at an angle below these holes, and in the last year or so the cats have taken to popping in and out of the holes, for fun or because they are idiots or whenever they get spooked by the bus going by. Admittedly it’s pretty funny when you’re sitting there and a cat pops up at your feet, like a game of whack-a-mole you’re not expecting. Once a strange alley cat popped up out of there, and once, a squirrel.

But all that fun aside, this shit badly needed replacing. So we’re finally getting that done.

A view out the front door after all but the concrete block pillars had been taken down:

porch demolition in progress
No porch!

porch demolition in progress

Trenches for a foundation that the workers dug out by hand:

porch demolition in progress

We are getting a proper concrete porch, with a cinderblock foundation, and bullnose forms on the edges of the porch and steps so that it’ll have the same feel as the other concrete porches on similar houses in our neighbourhood, which all appear to have been put in around the 1940s. And we’re having the new steps put in directly in front of the door, where steps ought to be. AND there will be a new sidewalk leading up to those steps, which will eliminate a whole lot of that awful huge patch of periwinkle I’m sorry I ever let grow so out of hand there. We’ve let the garden go the last few years in anticipation of doing this construction job, so it’s a relief to have it all destroyed and get a chance to start again.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Jodi Green on September 14, 2014 at 4.57pm

great lakes tourist

Oh hi. I have been away for a while. Here is a picture taken in June (or May? I forget) in Toronto as part of my Great Lakes Tourist project. Lake Ontario, Toronto Island, Tim Hortons breakfast on a park bench, Great Lakes tattoo, cold wind, sunshine.

lake ontario

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tea lady

I want to make this tea cosy from a 1940s pattern book. Yes, the one with the little lady sticking out of it. Obviously.

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Asiatic dayflower. A pretty little weed that grows all along the sidewalk in the narrow space between our house and the neighbours’.

Posted by Jodi Green on July 18, 2014 at 11.09am